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    What is SEO?
    SEO is the process of optimizing a website so that it ranks better in Search Engines for a particular keyword.

    What is the significance of SEO?
    A Search Engine result page has 10 slots where the websites are listed. Studies show that when a Search is made, the usual tendency of people is to choose websites ranking in the first 2 or 3 pages. Hence a SERP in the first three pages is a very important factor in getting potential customers. As your website ranks high in Search Results the number of people visiting it increases which naturally increases your customer reach.

    Why should I prefer SEM to other marketing methods?
    Today the whole world is connected through internet. The use of internet and related technology is getting popular among common people and hence it is a good medium of advertisements. Internet Marketing is an advanced and rapidly growing field for advertisements. The plus points of internet marketing over other marketing methods are:-

    Your ads are viewed only by targeted customers.
    It is much more economical than advertising through other media.
    Advertisement through internet covers the whole world whereas other media covers only a small area.
    Life of the optimised website in SE position is much higher compared to other media like newspapers which has only a day’s life.
    No.of internet users in India is rising in an exponential rate where the total user base is expected to cover 40 Million by end of 2010.
    What is the benefit of doing SEO?
    SEO helps your website to rank better in Search Engine. By ranking better in Search Engine Results your website can win more traffic and thereby more customers. Increased number of customers will bring up more & more business & conversions.

    Which is more important, website design or SEO?
    Both are very much related to each other. SEO directs the stream of visitors to the website. Website converts these visitors to customers. Only a user friendly website can retain their customers. Even when SEO is done, if the website design is not user friendly, the users will not stay there for long. If the design is pretty good but no SEO is done, then people may never know about the existence of such a website. Both are mutually dependent and hence are equally important.

    What sort of websites requires SEO?
    Any website which is business minded, advertising minded, product selling, service offering or any type which needs to improve its traffic & hence its business.

    When should I start doing SEO for my website?
    You can start Optimization works for your website as soon as it is launched.

    My website is now one of the top ten through SEO. Do I need to continue SEO works?
    Yes, you need to continue SEO works in order to maintain your ranking position. This is because your competitors also invest a lot in SEO to maintain their SE positions & hence to improve their business. So if you stop doing maintenance works, there is every chance for you losing your ranking position.

    How long will it take to get a SERP within 10?
    It depends on the competition of the keyword you are choosing for optimization. The minimum time required for an SEO campaign is almost one month.

    What is the cost for an SEO work?
    It depends on the competition of the keywords you are choosing for optimization. If the keyword competition is very high, then naturally the rates will be high.

    What are the keywords for which SEO is to be done for my website?
    It depends on the niche of your website. If you are selling products then the keywords you should select must be closely related to them. Techseol will provide each enquiry an Initial Analysis Report which’s free of cost & will be beneficial to the client to understand their websites current status & competition. Also IAR will provide client details about the benefits he can draw out of an SEO campaign.