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    PPC Campaigns

    Pay Per Click campaigns are paid advertisement campaigns which if managed efficiently can deliver amazing results. In a PPC Campaign your ads will be displayed in Search engine results and websites. People while searching for products related to your niche can see your ads and when clicked will be directed to your website. As the name indicates, the ads are charged per click. It is a widely used internet marketing method which delivers you quick results.

    The results delivered by a PPC Campaign depend on how you manage it. Choosing the right budget and keywords are of utmost importance. If not managed wisely the campaign may end in failure.

    Our PPC Campaign Management Service assists you in:

    Keyword Research: – We research and find out the most suiting keywords for your niche.

    Landing Page Detection: The landing pages to which the customers are to be directed for each keyword are found out.

    Campaign Tracking: – We work in association with the webmaster to track the rate of sales and visitors to the website through the campaign.

    PPC Account managing: – We will set up and manage the PPC account for you analyzing each and every data.

    PPC Campaign Analysis: – Your PPC Campaign will be analyzed at the end of each month and suggestions will be made regarding keywords, bidding ranges etc.

    Reports: – Monthly reports on the progress of the campaign will be sent to the customer.

    The benefits of doing PPC advertisements are:

    Totally targeted campaigns: – PPC Campaigns are targeted only on people searching for products of your niche. It will be these customers who click on your ads and visit your website.

    Pay for results:- Only those who search for products of your niche see and click your ads. Since whoever clicking on your ad is a customer you are paying for the right cause.

    Immediate results:- Unlike SEO; PPC Campaigns deliver results within several minutes after starting the campaigns.

    Easily Measurable:- PPC Campaigns can tell you the exact number of people searching for your products.

    Brand building: – People believe what they see. If they see your ads published all over search results, the chances are high that they will look for your company while making purchases or refer it to others increasing the brand value of your products and services.

    Totally flexible: – PPC Campaigns are totally flexible. You can change the keywords if you find them not up to your expectations or you can even cancel the campaigns.

    Market research:- PPC Campaigns are one of the easiest methods of doing market research before planning a marketing strategy. These campaigns can give you an accurate figure of people looking for the products you plan to market.s